About me


Hi, I’m Julia!

I’m 29 years old, living in Fairfield County, Connecticut. I’m a mama to my Jaxson Thomas, he’s 2 years old and boy does he keep me busy. We call him Jax most of the time and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I have really found myself since becoming a mom and I’ve learned so much, actually I’m still learning everyday.

I’m a makeup artist, I have been for about 6 years and besides being a mom makeup is my passion. What’s better than making women look and feel beautiful? Including myself, it’s amazing what a little concealer, mascara and lipgloss can do on a day you’re feeling blah. I’m the one my friends and family come to when they want makeup advice or need their makeup done for a special occasion, and I love it.

I also have a love of fashion. Since becoming a mom I haven’t had much opportunity to get all glam and dressed up like I used to, so I’ve mastered making my “mom look” fabulous. I love a great bag and some awesome pieces of jewelry that can be worn everyday. I truly believe a woman can look and feel great in a pair of leggings or jeans and sneakers or flats as long as she pairs it with a cool top and some great accessories. Being a mom doesn’t mean boring, blah fashion. Fashion is a part of you, it’s not where you shop or how many pairs of designer jeans you have. It’s how you put an outfit together that showcases your own personal style and makes you feel great. I want to help women feel that way.

So, besides all the glitz of makeup and fashion I’m pretty simple. I love cooking and trying new things. I don’t usually follow a recipe, unless I have to. I prefer to make things up as I go along. So you’ll definitely find some of my favorite recipes and new creations on here.

I love getting crafty and doing DIY projects, although I don’t get to as much as I’d like. I didn’t realize how ridiculously hard it is do to projects with a 2 year old. But I plan on trying to start DIYing more in the near future, so definitely keep you eyes open for posts about that.

With all that being said my friends and family have been telling me to start a blog for years, I guess they think I should share all the makeup, fashion, and food advice I give them with others. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I really have no clue where to start, but I’m starting anyway.

I’m still learning the ropes here, but stick around because I can promise you there will be some great stuff in the near future. If you enjoy beauty I’ll have some how to posts, cosmetic and skincare reviews, different looks for different events and much more. If you’re more into fashion I’ll show you how you can turn sweatpants and a denim jacket into a simple, but stylish look. And I’m a mom, so you can count on me to post tons of information about my experience with motherhood, life with a toddler and everything that comes with the two. And of course FOOD, who doesn’t want to get some easy dinner ideas that are actually good for you. Or if you don’t mind a few thousand calories, learn how to make my famous BBQ pulled pork and my “Death by Vanilla” dessert  that never lasts more than 5 minutes at a party. No matter what your interested in I’ll probably have something here for you.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone.



xo, Julia


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