Quick recap of our weekend

 So, Jax and I had a nice, laid back weekend here in CT. We are finally having some beautiful weather, thankfully because Jax wants to be outside all.day.long. and that can be very hard to do in the nasty, rainy weather we’ve been having. So fingers crossed it stays nice? Yes!

Like I said, Jax loves being outside, so we spent all out Saturday enjoying our back yard. Running around, kicking the soccer ball around, taking walks down the street to visit this little stream that runs through our neighborhood. Jax is just obsessed with going and looking at the “tream.” Haha!  We always bring all of Jax’s Paw Patrol pups or dinosaurs outside and play with them in his big “Little Tikes” fort, he just loves sliding them down the slide.

To add to his “fort” Jax got this adorable little picnic table by “Step 2” from my mom. It’s the perfect size for him to sit at and enjoy a snack outside. He thinks he’s such a big boy having his own picnic table.  Our Boston Terrier Tux wanted to join in on the fun. But I think he was just waiting for some food to drop.  So after playing outside all day on Saturday we finally we’re able to get some things done on Sunday! Jax got to visit his dad for a little bit early in the day and when I picked him up we headed over to BJ’s for some groceries. I was on the hunt for fresh pizza dough they have there SOMETIMES. And I stress the “sometimes” because I’ve only been able to find it there 3 times. It is THE best pizza dough I’ve ever used, I can’t even explain it..it’s that good! It’s chewy, but rolls out perfectly thin and the crust is amazing, and let’s be serious- who likes pizza crust? Except Jax who will pretty much only eat crust when it comes to pizza, ha! Well it was our lucky day because they had it, yay! We grabbed a few other necessities and headed home.

We made 2 pizzas. One bbq chicken and the other pesto chicken. I also bought the pesto sauce from BJ’s and OMG, it’s so good! I’m a huge pesto fan and loving making my own, but let’s face it, you don’t always have the time or the freshest ingredients to do so. So I love keeping this in the fridge! After Jax helped me spread the sauce and sprinkle the cheese they went into the oven. And they came out great! (I can post a quick blog post tomorrow with step by step instructions and pictures on how I made each pie😊)

We finished our night with “The Good Dinosaur” movie…so cute! Overall our weekend was easy, filled with sunshine, good times and definitely good food! Hope you all enjoyed yours!

xo, Julia


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